Our company was founded by Murat GÖNENBABA in 1989. In this valuable journey lasting more than a quarter-century, Pelagos has become one of the true leading and pioneering companies of pet sector in Turkey thanks to the brands produced by Pelagos itself.

By introducing its brands to international markets through distributorship agreements made in global market, Pelagos has not only provided benefit for national economy but also contributed substantially to the markets in foreign countries which it exports to.


The broad service and cooperation network offered by Pelagos in Turkey has created reactions in the international market and become the center of focus of the leading firms in global market.

Adopting the principle of providing quality, reliable and the fastest service, Pelagos continues its works with an aim of becoming a global actor in its field by producing modern and innovative solutions.

Thanks to its importation as a result of its cooperation with reputable brands, Pelagos continues to shape the pet sector by building permanent values.

What lies behind the success of Pelagos Aquarium is a customer-oriented management approach centered on full customer satisfaction. Exploring and appreciating each and every demand of its customers, Pelagos is pursuing cooperation and investment opportunities it believes will be beneficial to pet sector and national economy by building a global service structure.